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Or How to Honor the Past and Not Get Burned (Too Much) If you hang out with short people, being a bit taller has its advantages and disadvantages. I’m 5’11”, which in the Japanese American community sets me head-and-shoulders above many, especially those of the Nisei generation of my parents. Fifteen years ago at the […]

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Winning the Peace

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Client: Legacy Center, Japanese American Service Committee (JASC). Exhibit Goals: Winning the Peace: The Story of Chicagoans in the Military Intelligence Service, 1941-1952 brings to light the contributions made by Japanese American men and women in helping to both win the war against Japan and bring about that country’s transition to a peacetime democracy during […]

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techXPO 2010

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Client: Technology Magnet Cluster Program, Office of Academic Enhancement, Chicago Public Schools. Exhibit Goals: This exhibit showcased the work of Chicago Public School students learning about and utilizing communication technology to help increase literacy. Most of the projects, which were developed by the students, centered on issues important to them, their schools or their neighborhoods. […]

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The Art of Inheritance

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Client: Fine and Performing Arts Magnet Cluster Program (FPAMCP), Office of Academic Enhancement, Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE). Exhibit Goals: The Art of Inheritance was an exhibition (and performance) celebrating the culmination of the 3-year Building Curriculum, Community and Leadership through the Arts project between Chicago Public Schools and CAPE. The […]

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The City in a Garden

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Client: Carmen Vidal-Hallett and Mark Hallet. Exhibit Goals: This exhibit not only showcased the incredible sustainability of Curitiba, Brazil, but also compared and contrasted it with Chicago. Increasing public awareness of “green” issues and helping to sway public opinion in favor of supporting the many facets of sustainability were key exhibit goals. Exhibit Venues: • […]

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Origins of Now: ReBuilding Community

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Fifteen exhibit panels were produced as 36 x 52" canvas scrolls on wooden dowels.

Client: Legacy Center, Japanese American Service Committee. Exhibit Goals: This exhibit addressed the question: Why is there a substantial Japanese American population in Chicago? Part examination of little-known World War II history, and part exploration of ethnicity and culture, the exhibit providing new information to all viewers, including Japanese Americans. It also underscored the need […]

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Presence and Precedents

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Client: Federal Court of Illinois. Exhibit Goals: Examining the history – both highs and lows – of the Federal Courts in Illinois, this exhibit was directed towards those involved in the law and as an aid for teachers. The review of Court history was also a review of the history of Illinois and the nation, […]

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