At a troop meeting this research team works on illustrating a fun fact about Spain for presentation board.

My knowledge of world geography is sketchy at best, and it seems that I am not the only American with this problem. Last year, when the National Geographic Society surveyed 18- to 24-year-old Americans to find out what they knew about the world, only 37 percent could find Iraq on a map, despite the fact […]

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Originally published on Musashi Mix Inq I had the opportunity to visit famed artist George Suyeoka with my father this week in regards to an upcoming JASC benefit event (6/7/12). I had previously interviewed George about his military career for the MIS Project. At 86 years old, George retains a sense of wonder with a lyrical wit for satire not […]

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I had the honor of presenting my artwork at a fundraiser for “Uncanny Terrain“, a film documenting the devastating effects of nuclear fallout on the farmers of Fukushima. As exhibitions go, my part in the event seemed rather simple: produce promotional material design and print signage have my artwork printed Hang and set-up everything the morning of […]

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And Why it Almost Felt Like Going Home I was in LA this past week for orientation sessions for this year’s Japanese American Leadership Delegation. Stayed at the Miyako Inn, which was just down 1st Avenue from the Japanese American National Museum, all of this in Little Tokyo, a historic area in downtown LA which […]

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Or How to Honor the Past and Not Get Burned (Too Much) If you hang out with short people, being a bit taller has its advantages and disadvantages. I’m 5’11”, which in the Japanese American community sets me head-and-shoulders above many, especially those of the Nisei generation of my parents. Fifteen years ago at the […]

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Origins of Now: ReBuilding Community

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Fifteen exhibit panels were produced as 36 x 52" canvas scrolls on wooden dowels.

Client: Legacy Center, Japanese American Service Committee. Exhibit Goals: This exhibit addressed the question: Why is there a substantial Japanese American population in Chicago? Part examination of little-known World War II history, and part exploration of ethnicity and culture, the exhibit providing new information to all viewers, including Japanese Americans. It also underscored the need […]

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